Authors Rebrov, A. V. ; Dubinsky, V. A. ; Nekrasov, Yu. P. ; Bonartseva, G. A. ; Stamm, M. ; Antipov, E.M.
Title Structural phenomena during elastic deformation of highly oriented poly(hydroxybutyrate)
Date 31.01.2002
Number 38082
Abstract The supramolecular structure of poly (hydroxybutyrate) fibers prepared by gel spinning was studied. Even though the as-prepared polymers are characterized by a high degree of crystallinity, the deformed fibers show a high strain recovery, which is known to be typical of the so-called hard elastic materials. Upon elastic deformation, the corresponding X-ray diffraction patterns show X-ray reflections related to an orthorhombiclattice and an additional equatorial X-ray reflection which shows a reversible character.
Publisher Polymer Science / Series B
Citation Polymer Science / Series B 44 (2002) 32-35
Tags fibers

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