Authors Engelmann, K. ; Kotomin, I. ; Knipper, A. ; Werner, C.
Title Nahtlose Amnionmembrantransplantation
Date 01.07.2013
Number 37989
Abstract Amniotic membrane transplantation has been used very successfully in ophthalmology since the 1940s for treatment of surface disorders. Over the course of the years the indications for use have been continuously extended. In contrast the operative technique is predominantly invasive, i.e. the amniotic membrane is surgically sutured onto the surface of the eye. In order to avoid surgical trauma the authors have developed a device which allows the amniotic membrane to be stretched in a ring and the amniotic ring can then be placed suture-free on the eye surface. The authors are hopeful that the biological principle of the amniotic membrane can be better utilized by uncomplicated repetitive application
Publisher Der Ophthalmologe
Citation Der Ophthalmologe 110 (2013) 675-680
Tags amniotic membrane eye surface surgical trauma amniotic ring epithelial healing

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