Authors Avitabile, D. ; Salchert, K. ; Werner, C. ; Capogrossi, M. C. ; Pesce, M.
Title Growth induction and low-oxygen apoptosis inhibition of human CD34+ progenitors in collagen gels
Date 18.01.2013
Number 34431
Abstract Various reports have indicated low survival of injected progenitors into unfavorable environments such as the ischemic myocardium or lower limb tissues. This represents a major bottleneck in stem-cell-based cardiovascular regenerative medicine. Strategies to enhance survival of these cells in recipient tissues have been therefore sought to improve stem cell survival and ensure long-term engraftment. In the present contribution, we show that embedding human cord blood-derived CD34+ cells into a collagen I-based hydrogel containing cytokines is a suitable strategy to promote stem cell proliferation and protect these cells from anoxia-induced apoptosis.
Publisher BioMed Research International [Elektronische Ressource]
Citation BioMed Research International [Elektronische Ressource] 2013 (2013) Article ID 542810, 5 pages

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