Authors Huang, X. ; Voit, B.
Title Progress on multi-compartment polymeric capsules
Date 21.01.2013
Number 34428
Abstract Recently, the construction of multi-compartment polymeric capsules has received considerable attention; for the development of next generation hollow structure carriers, multi-compartmentalization is a key requirement. In this review we give a brief overview with regard to the different preparation methods of multi-compartment polymeric capsules including self-assembly, surface-initiated polymerization, layer-by-layer assembly, emulsion-based methods, in addition to self-assembly approaches using dendrimers or hyperbranched polymers as construction units. Finally, a short summary on potential biological applications is given.
Publisher Polymer Chemistry
Citation Polymer Chemistry 4 (2013) 435-443
Tags transfer radical polymerization miniemulsion polymerization interfacial polycondensation liposomal subcompartments hollow nanoparticles hybrid nanocapsules diblock copolymers hydrogel capsules drug-delivery en-route

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