Authors Friedrichs, J. ; Zieris, A. ; Prokoph, S. ; Werner, C.
Title Quantifying the effect of covalently immobilized enzymes on biofilm formation by atomic force microscopy-based single-cell force spectroscopy
Date 07.09.2012
Abstract A novel atomic force microscopy-based single-cell force spectroscopy assay to quantify the adhesion of bacterial cells to surfaces was developed. The assay was applied to quantify the effect of two biofilm-degrading enzymes, the protease Subtilisin A and glycoside hydrolase cellulase, on the attachment of the biofilm-forming bacterial strain Cobetia marina. Insights on the mechanism of the initial adhesion and on the nature of the adhesion-mediating molecules were gained. The assay can be easily adapted to various other substrates, different bacterial strains and other fouling species (e.g., algae and diatoms).
Journal Macromolecular Rapid Communications 33 (2012) 1453-1458

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