Authors Schulz, V. ; Zschoche, St. ; Zhang, H. P. ; Voit, B. ; Gerlach, G.
Title Macroporous Smart Hydrogels for Fast-responsive Piezoresistive Chemical Microsensors
Date 31.12.2012
Number 33282
Abstract Within this work we present the synthesis and characterization of a pH-sensitive macroporous p(AAm-co-AA) hydrogel with an interconnected channel structure to enhance diffusion of aqueous solutions. The hydrogel is characterized by SEM and mercury porosimetry. Furthermore, the hydrogel is successfully integrated into piezoresistive microsensors measuring the hydrogel swelling due to pH changes. A response time reduction of about 80% compared to sensors with conventional non-porous hydrogels is accomplished.
Publisher Procedia engineering
Wikidata 4
Citation Procedia engineering 25 (2012) 1141-1144
Tags microsensor macroporous hydrogel chemical sensor response time -

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