Authors Reichenbach, P. ; Eng, L. M. ; Georgi, U. ; Voit, B.
Title 3D-steering of superfocusing of second-harmonic radiation through plasmonic nano antenna arrays
Date 08.08.2012
Number 33024
Abstract Second-harmonic generation (SHG) of light at nanoparticles provides the possibility to generate light (of a desired frequency) in-situ instead of introducing it by focusing an external light beam. Our theoretical study provides steering SHG light through the superposition of the radiation from a number of nanoparticles which are arranged in a circle. The authors assume cone-shaped or rod-shaped nanoparticles. Their radiation can be modeled as radiating dipoles. The superposition of their fields yields a “hot spot” with a full width at half-maximum of around 100 nm. Even more important, the position of the hot spot within the circular arrangement of nanoantennas can be adjusted in the xy plane simply by changing the incident angle of the exciting beam. © 2012 Laser Institute of America
Publisher Journal of Laser Applications
Citation Journal of Laser Applications 24 (2012) 042005 (7 pages)
Tags antenna arrays nanoparticles nanophotonics optical focusing optical harmonic generation nano-optics second-harmonic generation constructive interference shg superposition photochemical writing laser photo metal-surfaces centrosymmetric material generation

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