Authors Weng, Y. ; Chen, J. ; Tu, Q. ; Li, Q. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Huang, N.
Title Biomimetic modification of metallic cardiovascular biomaterials: from function mimicking to endothelialization in vivo
Date 23.05.2012
Abstract Biosystem–surface interactions play an important role in various biological events and determine the ultimate functionality of implanted devices. Endothelialization or mimicking of endothelium on the surface of cardiovascular materials is a promising way to solve the problems of material-induced thrombosis and restenosis. Meanwhile, a multifunctional surface design is needed as antithrombotic properties should be considered in the period when the implants are not yet completely endothelialized. In this article, we summarize some successful approaches used in our laboratory for constructing multifunctional endothelium-like surfaces on metallic cardiovascular biomaterials through chemical modification of the surface or by the introduction of specific biological molecules to induce self-endothelialization in vivo. Some directions on future research in these areas are also presented.
Journal Interface Focus 2 (2012) 356-365

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