Authors Voit, B. ; Riedel, M. ; Stadermann, J.
Title Nanoscale functional patterning of thin films using block copolymers prepared through CRP
Progress in Controlled Radical Polymerization: Materials and Applications, Matyjaszewski, Sumerlin, Tsarevsky, ed.
Date 10.04.2012
Number 30862
Abstract The synthesis of block copolymers suitable for the formation of nanostructured multifunctional thin films is described. For that, phase-separating block copolymers which contain further functionalities being able to react in polymer-analogous reactions have been prepared by a controlled radical polymerization method, namely RAFT polymerization. Functionalities like pentafluorostyrene, alkyne or carboxylic acid groups were introduced into the respective segments. Techniques like NMR, GPC and DSC were applied to verify structure, molar masses, molar mass distributions and thermal properties. Finally, thin films consisting of block copolymers that showed strong phase-segregation behavior and ordered nanostructured surfaces were obtained. <br /><br />ISBN: 9780841227576
Publisher ACS Publisher
Citation ACS Publisher 1101 (2012) Chapter 9, 127-139
Tags post-modification pentafluorostyrene cycloadditions nanostructures chemistry phase

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