Authors Renner, LD; Eswaramoorthy, P; Ramamurthi, KS; Weibel, DB
Title Curvature as a Mechanism for Biomolecule Localization in Bacterial Cells
Date 31.01.2012
Abstract One of the central questions in cell biology is how the temporal and spatial organization of the cell machinery within the cell is established, maintained, and replicated. In Eubacteria, an understanding of the cellular organization of proteins is just beginning to take shape. Numerous, functionally unrelated proteins have been found that localize to regions of rod-shaped bacterial cells that are characterized by a high intrinsic curvature (e.g. the poles and the division septum). Recent data suggests that there are geometric cues for the localization of proteins and lipids in bacteria. © 2011 Biophysical Society. Published by Elsevier Inc.
Journal Biophysical Journal 102 (2012) p237a

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