Authors Schmädicke, C.; Nerowski, A.; Baraban, L.; Renner, LD ; Cuniberti, G.
Title Fabrication of Copper Nanowires from Aqueous Solution, P2.4
Date 16.05.2013
Number 3016
Abstract We report on the synthesis of copper nanowires from aqueous solution. The wires have an average diameter of up to 300 nm and a length of around 10 µm. A qualitative analysis of the growth parameters of copper nanowires was performed. We found that the morphology of the nanowires strongly depends on the concentration of the metal salt solution, the frequency of the applied AC voltage, and the peak-to-peak amplitude. The optimum parameters to fabricate straight and thin nanowires were analyzed. Resistance measurements at room temperature showed that the nanowires were conductive and showed ohmic behavior. The grown nanowires can be oxidized and readily used for gas sensing applications.
Publisher Proceedings SENSOR 2013
Citation Proceedings SENSOR 2013 (2013) 720-723
Tags self-assembly nanowires copper conductivity ohmic behavior

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