Authors Voit, B.
Title High performance hyperbranched polymers
Date 25.07.2011
Number 27925
Abstract POLY 413 - High performance polymers show excellent thermal and mechanical properties but are often difficult to prepare and to process due to limited solubility and high melt viscosity. The introduction of branching units reduces regularity in the main chain and thus, reduces the tendency for crystallization, enhances solubility and can lead to interesting solution and melt viscosity behavior. Therefore, the concept of “hyperbranching” offers a high chance to prepare highly processable high performance polymers which might be interesting in film applications, as additives, blend components or as curable resins. We will report on hyperbranched aromatic polyesters, polyphenylenes, polyarylethers and poly(arylether phosphineoxides) prepared by the classical AB2 approach, but also by combining AB2 with AB and A2 and by using the A2+B3 method. In all cases, fully soluble, high molar mass products could be obtained but clearly the different approaches led to differences in the polymer structures and the material properties.
Publisher Polymer Preprints
Citation Polymer Preprints 52 (2011) 799
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