Authors Schulze, U. ; Johannsen, M. ; Sahre, K. ; Komber, H. ; Voit, B.
Title Preparation and characterization of polar macromonomers with long hydrophilic alkyl chains
Date 18.03.2011
Number 27168
Abstract The synthesis of poly(10-undecene-1-ol) as polar macromonomer for a potential copolymerization with propene and with the aim of improving surface and interface properties of polyolefins is introduced. The metallocene-catalyzed polymerization of this monomer is a new approach for preparing polar macromonomers. It is an essential advantage that they comprise high concentration of hydroxyl groups at the end of the side chains.[1] The exact control and a precise characterization of the start and end groups in the polymers by MALDI-TOF MS and 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy could be accomplished. To obtain kinetic data of the polymerization, selected syntheses were carried out by real-time tracing with in-line ATR-FTIR spectroscopy.[2]
Publisher Polymer Preprints
Citation Polymer Preprints 52 (2011) 465-466

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