Authors Ghosh, A. ; Banerjee, S. ; Voit, B.
Title New silicone grafted copoly(ether imide) from 4,4'-(hexafluoro-isopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride
Date 21.09.2010
Abstract A new copoly(ether imide) 1a was synthesized from 4,4'-(hexafluoro-isopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride (6FDA) and 4,4'- bis [3'-trifluoromethyl-p-aminobiphenyl ether)biphenyl (TFBB) with 20 wt% loading of 3,5-diaminobenzoate terminated polydimethylsiloxane (DBPDMS) by solution imidization technique. The copoly(ether imide) showed a glass transition temperature of 272°C by differential scanning calorimetry and of 300°C by dynamic mechanical analysis, respectively. The polymer showed thermal stability up to 371°C for 5% wt loss in synthetic air. Dynamic mechanical analysis showed storage modulus as high as 1.62 GPa at 40°C. In the DMA plot a distinct sub Tg relaxation was observed at 130°C. The copolyimide formed tough transparent film, with tensile strength up to 47 MPa, a modulus of elasticity up to 1.83 GPa and elongation at break up to 65%. Thermal, mechanical and surface properties of the copoly(ether imide) have been evaluated and compared with the already reported analogous random copoly(ether imide) containing siloxane unit in the main chain and with the homopolyimide without siloxane unit.
Journal Journal of Macromolecular Science - A: Pure Applied Chemistry 47 (2010) 1069-1074

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