Authors Johannsen, M. ; Schulze, U. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Häußler, L. ; Voit, B.
Title DSC and WAXS investigations of polar macromonomers synthesized by metallocene-catalyzed polymerization
Date 18.04.2011
Number 25445
Abstract Recently, we reported on the synthesis of poly(10-undecene-1-ol) with terminal vinylidene groups as precursor for the preparation of novel polar macromonomers.[1] For the polymerization unbridged metallocene catalysts were used successfully. The further development of our synthesis method enabled us the preparation of poly(10-undecene-1-ol) with allyl end groups directly. On this way novel macromonomers were obtained. They were used for the copolymerization with olefins. The thermal properties and the crystalline structure of the poly(10-undecene-1-ol)s were characterized using DSC and WAXS. They reveals their smectic layer structures via side chain crystallization caused by strong interaction of the hydroxyl groups.[2] This crystallization behavior of the polymers with isotactic and atactic configurations is similar.
Publisher Polymer Preprints
Citation Polymer Preprints 52 (2011) 459-460
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