Authors Savitsky, A. ; Tenkovtsev, A.V. ; Lukoshkin, V.A. ; Böhme, F.
Title Nonlinear optical properties of polyamidine complexes of a series of modified oligomeric ·,·'-diaminopropylene oxides
Date 31.12.2008
Number 18964
Abstract The third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility ·(3) in poly(octamethylene acetamidine) complexes of a series of modified oligomeric ·,·'-diaminopropylene oxides is investigated by the third-harmonic generation technique at a wavelength of 1064 nm. It is demonstrated using UV spectroscopy that the interaction of the aforementioned chromophore-terminated polymers with polyamidine leads to the formation of network structures in which the polymer network is formed as a result of the ionic interaction. The ionic intermolecular complexes formed in this case are capable of generating the third harmonic. An increase in the length of the polymer chain in the series of modified ·,·'-diaminopropylene oxides leads to a decrease in the absorption coefficient of the chromophore fragment and a considerable decrease in the nonlinear optical response ·(3)
Journal Physics of the Solid State
Citation Physics of the Solid State 50 (2008) 1895-1899

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