Authors Voit, B. ; Fleischmann, S. ; Komber, H. ; Messerschmidt, M. ; Özyürek, Z. ; Stadermann, J.
Title Controlled radical polymerization employed for the preparation of nanostructured and multifunctional polymers for thin film application
Date 11.08.2008
Number 16042
Abstract The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008 <br /><br />We will present different approaches preparing nanostructured multifunctional block copolymers by controlled radical techniques. Thus, thermoresponsive glyco block copolymers were realized by RAFT keeping the phase transition temperature in the physiological range even at high glyco content by phase separation of the thermoresponsive NiPAAm block. Nanostructured thin films could be prepared by block copolymers based on orthogonally protected p-hydroxystyrene derivatives realized through NMP. Modifying the block copolymers with proparyloxystyrene segments allowed also very efficient post-modification by bulky azides of one block. Thus, we could demonstrate that different controlled radical polymerization techniques are a highly valuable tool to prepare functional block copolymer structures. By combining different segments in one macromolecule also special features in functionality can be combined and constraint in nanodomains, e.g. thermoresponsivity with specific cell binding properties or polar segments next to segments allowing for postmodification or patterning by lithographic means.<br /><br />POLY 219 - 5th Controlled/living Radical Polymerization Symposium
Publisher Polymer Preprints
Citation Polymer Preprints 49 (2008) 62-63

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