Authors Bruchmann, B. ; Voit, B.
Title Application in coatings, as additives and in nanotechnology
Hyperbranched Polymers : Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Date 13.04.2007
Number 14715
Abstract The only comprehensive reference covering the properties, synthesis and applications of hyperbranched polymers. Helps the reader gain a better understanding of irregular branching and its relationship to a polymer's properties and potential applications, aiding in the design ofhighly functional materials. Covers the important theoretical aspects of the topic, as well as summarizing available techniques for characterizing these polymers. Compares hyperbranched polymers with conventional linear polymeric materials as well as perfectly branched dendrimers. Includes perspectives on future challenges in the synthesis and use of hyperbranched polymers in functional materials.<br /><br />ISBN 978-0471780144
Publisher Wiley & Sons
Citation Wiley & Sons (2007) Chapter 19

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