Authors Uhlmann, P. ; Frenzel, R. ; Voit, B. ; Mock, U. ; Szyszka, B. ; Schmidt, B. ; Ondratschek, D. ; Gochermann, J. ; Roths, K.
Title Research agenda surface technology: Future demands for research in the field of coatings materials
Date 26.04.2007
Number 14200
Abstract The acquisition of future research demands in the field of innovative coatings materials was the aim of the so-called “Research agenda surface technology”, a project funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research and coordinated by the German Research Society of Surface Treatment (DFO, Neuss). Several German research institutions and numerous representatives of companies acting in the field of surface technology were involved in identifying the research demands in this area for the next 10–15 years.<br />The functions of coated materials that were identified as the most innovative ones and having the biggest research driving force will be described for certain industrial branches. The most promising coating materials aimed to fulfill the desired functions in the future are discussed, visions are mentioned and conclusions about general trends in the field of coating materials are drawn.
Publisher Progress in Organic Coatings
Citation Progress in Organic Coatings 58 (2007) 122-126
Tags coating materials trends research demands properties of coated materials future development of coating materials -

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