Authors Yin, M. ; Bucsiova, L. ; Habicher, W.D. ; Voit, B.
Title Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) Polymerization of Functional Acryl- and Methacryl Derivatives
Date 27.07.2006
Abstract The functional acrylamide tert-butyl N-acryloyl-â-alaninate (M2b) was successfully homo-and block copolymerized for the first time by a RAFT process using benzyl dithiobenzoate (BDTB) as a chain transfer agent and 2,2’-azobis(isobutyronitrile) (AIBN) as an initiator. The resulting homo-and block copolymers have low polydispersities. Kinetic studies demonstrated that the RAFT process of functional acrylamide M2b proceeded in a controlled way at conversions below 50%. The further investigation showed that BDTB was an effective CTA for the RAFT-polymerization of functional acrylamides, acrylates; however, it was not a suitable CTA for the polymerization of functional methacrylic monomers.
Journal Journal of Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites 2 (2006) 11-21

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