Authors Vollprecht, M. ; Dieterle, F. ; Busche, St. ; Gauglitz, G. ; Eichhorn, K.-J. ; Voit, B.
Title Quantification of Quaternary Mixtures of Low Alcohols in Water: Temporal-Resolved Measurements with Microporous and Hyperbranched Polymer Sensors for Reduction of Sensor Number
Date 22.09.2005
Number 13146
Abstract The focus of this study is the quantification of multianalytemixtures in water by the use of sensor arrays based onpolymer layers. Reflectometric interference spectroscopyis used as a optical sensor system for temporal-resolvedmeasurements of the interaction kinetics of analytes inwater with the polymer layers. The principles and widespread possibilities of this approach are demonstratedusing the quantification of quaternary aqueous mixturesof low alcohols from methanol up to 1-butanol. Thesensitive layers consist of two hyperbranched polyestersand one microporous polyimide. Different time-dependentsensor signals are evaluated by artificial neural networks.Because the kinetics of sorption and desorption of theanalytes differ significantly, the number of sensors neededfor a quantification of analytes in mixtures can be reduced.A feature extraction allows identification of the mostimportant differences of kinetic patterns of the analytesand allows improvement of the multivariate calibration.It is shown that a quantification of quaternary mixturesof methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, and 1-butanol is possible on the basis of only two polymer sensors.
Publisher Analytical Chemistry
Citation Analytical Chemistry 77 (2005) 5542-5550
Tags reflectometric interference spectroscopy surface-plasmon resonance dynamic microbial sensor multivariate calibration variable selection chemical sensors neural-networks optical sensor arrays recognition

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