Authors Sangermano, M. ; Di Gianni, A. ; Bongiovanni, R. ; Priola, A. ; Voit, B. ; Pospiech, D. ; Appelhans, D.
Title Synthesis of Fluorinated Hyperbranched Polymers and Their Use as Additives in Cationic Photopolymerization
Date 22.07.2005
Number 12999
Abstract A fluorine containing hyperbranched polymer was synthesized by modifying an aromatic-aliphatic hyperbranched polyester with a semifluorinated alcohol via a Mitsunobu reaction and was subsequently used as an additive in cationic photopolymerization of an epoxy resin. The remaining OH groups of the fluorinated hyperbranched polymer interact with the polymeric carbocation through a chain-transfer mechanism inducing an increase in the final epoxy conversion. The fluorinated HBP induces modification of bulk and surface properties, with an increase in T(g) and surface hydrophobicity already reached at very low concentration. The HBFP additive can, therefore, protect the coatings from aggressive solvents, increases hardness, and allows the preparation of a low energy surface coating.
Publisher Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
Wikidata Q57708664
Citation Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 290 (2005) 721-725
Tags fluorinated polymers hardness hyperbranched polymers photopolymerization solvent resistance surface properties polyester resins systems

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