Authors Sabbatovskii, K.G. ; Dutschk, V. ; Nitschke, M. ; Simon, ; Grundke, K.
Title Properties of the Teflon AF1601S Surface Treated with the Low-Pressure Argon Plasma
Date 29.04.2004
Number 12313
Abstract The stability of the surface properties of Teflon AF films were investigated after their exposure to the low-pressure argon plasma for various times. X-ray photoelectron and infrared spectroscopies, atomic force microscopy, scanning optical microscopy based on chromatic aberration, goniometry (the measurement of water contact angles), as well as electrokinetic method and ellipsometry were used to control changes in the chemical composition and surface properties of Teflon AF films taking place upon their plasma treatment. The stable hydrophilization of the surface of Teflon AF films resulted from plasma treatment was revealed.
Publisher Colloid Journal
Citation Colloid Journal 66 (2004) 208-215
Tags MBC_Plasma

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