Authors Meier-Haack, J. ; Carroll, T.
Title Use of graft-modified membranes for water treatment
Date 31.12.2003
Number 12146
Abstract Membranes with designed surface and filtration properties were prepared by grafting and adsorption of polyelectrolyte multilayer systems on membrane surfaces using the layer-by-layer electrostatic self-assembly technique. Microfiltration membranes with a first polyelectrolyte layer grafted onto the surface showed excellent stability during the filtration process. Although a two-fold higher permeate flux was observed for a three-layer polyelectrolyte complex membrane compared to a just grafted one, the protein retention did not change remarkably. Additionally, a reduced protein adsorption was detected by in-situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopy for the case of repulsive electrostatic forces between the substrate and the protein under applied test conditions.
Publisher Water Science and Technology: Water Supply
Citation Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 3 (2003) 385-392

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