Authors Bräuer, M. ; Hupfer, B. ; Nagel, J. ; Reuter, U.
Title Neue Hart-Weich-Verbunde aus POM und TPU : Zweikomponenten-Spritzgießen
Date 02.12.2003
Number 11922
Abstract New hard-soft combinations of POM and TPU (TPE) are being produced by injection moulding. For this application, POM (Hostaform) copolymer grades with different impact modification and TPU (Elastollan) grades with varying degrees of hardness are being combined. The bond strengths of the different hard-soft combinations, as determined in a standardised tensile test, are evaluated and discussed. The results are compared with those for <br />a hard-soft combination with SEBS as the TPE.
Publisher Kunststoffe
Citation Kunststoffe 93 (2003) 80-84

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