Authors Ionov, L. ; Minko, S. ; Stamm, M. ; Gohy, J.F. ; Jérome, R. ; Scholl, A.
Title Reversible Chemical Patterning on Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Film - Environment Responsive Lithography
Date 18.11.2003
Number 11887
Abstract We report on a novel type of chemical patterning based on thin stimuli-responsive polymer films. The basic concept is the permanent storage (writing) of a pattern, which is reversibly developed and erased upon exposure to appropriate environment, e.g., solvent, pH, and temperature. The smart surface is fabricated from the mixed brush of poly(2-vinylpyridine) and polyisoprene. The mixed brush demonstrates switching behavior upon exposure to different solvents. Cross-linking of polyisoprene via illumination through a photomask results in formation of patterns with suppressed switching. Due to the contrast in switching between illuminated and dark areas, exposure of the smart surface to different solvents causes either reversible formation or erasing of chemical contrast between the illuminated and dark areas. Thus, the pattern surface can very locally attract colloidal particles or can be wetted by water only upon exposure to the special solvent which introduces the contrast between the illuminated and dark areas. Appearance of the patterns indicates particular environment and can be used for local switching of adsorption.
Publisher Journal of the American Chemical Society
Citation Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (2003) 8302-8306
Tags photoimaging system surfaces brushes microchannels monolayers

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