Authors Meinhold, D. ; Schweiß, R. ; Zschoche, St. ; Janke, A. ; Baier, A. ; Simon, ; Dorschner, H. ; Werner, C.
Title Hydrogel Characteristics of Electron-Beam-Immobilized Poly(vinylpyrrolidone) Films on Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Supports
Date 27.01.2004
Number 11588
Abstract A novel strategy for the preparation of thin hydrogel coatings on top of polymer bulk materials waselaborated for the example of poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) surfaces layered with poly(vinylpyrrolidone)(PVP). PVP layers were deposited on PET foils or SiO<SUB>2</SUB> surfaces (silicon wafer or glass coverslips) precoatedwith PET and subsequently cross-linked by electron beam treatment. The obtained films were characterizedby ellipsometry, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy in attenuated total reflection,atomic force microscopy (AFM), and electrokinetic measurements. Ellipsometric experiments and AFMforce-distance measurements showed that the cross-linked layers swell in aqueous solutions by a factorof about 7. Electrokinetic experiments indicated a strong hydrodynamic shielding of the charge of theunderlying PET layer by the hydrogel coatings and further proved that the swollen films were stableagainst shear stress and variation of pH. In conclusion, electron beam cross-linking of preadsorbed hydrophilicpolymers permits a durable fixation of swellable polymer networks on polymer supports which can beadapted to m<br />aterials in a wide variety of shapes.
Publisher Langmuir
Citation Langmuir 20 (2004) 396-401

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