Authors Hess, M. ; Pionteck, J.
Title Thermodynamic properties of a series of semi-rigid polyesters
Date 25.11.2002
Number 10980
Abstract The thermodynamic properties of a series of poly[oxy(2,2' dialkylpropane-1,3-diyl) carboxybisphenyl-4,4'-dicarbonyl] have been investigated by P-V-T-measurements as a function of the length of one side-chain at the 2'-position.<br />The pressure-and temperature dependence of the specific volume was recorded from room temperature to 300 °C and from ambient pressure to 200 MPa. Depending on the chemical constitution glass-transitions, enantiotropic and monotropic mesophase transitions were identified. A pressure-induced transition in the glass was observed in one case and unusual behaviour of the volume for a first order mesophase transition in another case.
Publisher Materials Research Innovations
Citation Materials Research Innovations 6 (2002) 51-54

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