Authors Dlubek, G. ; Bondarenko, V. ; Pionteck, J. ; Supej, M. ; Wutzler, A. ; Krause-Rehberg, R.
Title Free volume in two differently plasticized poly(vinyl chloride)s: A positron lifetime and PVT study
Date 25.02.2003
Number 10849
Abstract The temperature dependence of the specific volume, <i>V</i>, and of the mean size of local free volumes (holes), <i>v</i><sub>h</sub>, of poly(vinyl chloride) containing 10&nbsp;wt% (PVC-h) and 30&nbsp;wt% (PVC-s) of the plasticizer di-<i>n</i>-butyl phthalate (DBP) were studied by pressure&#x2013;volume&#x2013;temperature (PVT) and positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) experiments. Using the Simha&#x2013;Somcynsky equation-of-state, the hole fraction <i>h</i> was calculated from the PVT data. It was found that the thermal expansivity of the specific volume <i>V</i>, the specific free volume <i>V</i><sub>f</sub>=<i>hV</i>, and <i>v</i><br /><sub>h</sub> increase with the content of plasticizer. From the comparison of <i>V</i> and <i>V</i><sub>f</sub> with <i>v</i><sub>h</sub> the hole number per gram <i>N</i>&#x2032;<sub>h</sub> is estimated. Other than <i>v</i><sub>h</sub>, <i>N</i>&#x2032;<sub>h</sub> does not depend on the temperature nor on the content of plasticizer.
Publisher Polymer
Citation Polymer 44 (2003) 1921-1926

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