Authors Sidorenko, A. ; Zhai, X.W. ; Simon, F. ; Pleul, D. ; Tsukruk, V. V.
Title Hyperbranched Molecules with Epoxy-Functionalized Terminal Branches: Grafting to a Solid Surface
Date 20.06.2002
Abstract We report the fabrication of a molecular surface coating from an epoxy-functionalizedhyperbranched polyester functionalized by secondary epoxy groups. These groups were presented in thefraction of terminal branches of the hyperbranched shell with the ratio of epoxy-containing branchesand alkyl branches of 1:2. We demonstrated that a uniform monolayer with the thickness of 4.5 nmcould be fabricated by melt grafting of functionalized hyperbranched polymers to a bare silicon surface.Steric constraints imposed by the chemical attachment of alkyl and epoxydized branches to a single coreprevented microphase separation of dissimilar segments and allowed the fabrication of uniform monolayerswith surface exposure of the functional groups and high adhesion. An estimated 3-4 epoxy groups permolecule were located in the uppermost surface layer and provided residual functionality sufficient tograft another polymer layer. Grafted layers were extremely robust and sustain high compression andshear stresses while possessing high elasticity.
Journal Macromolecules 35 (2002) 5131-5139

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