Authors Tändler, B. ; Schmack, G. ; Vogel, R. ; Blechschmidt, D. ; Lindner, R.
Title Melt Processing of a New Biodegradable Synthetic Polymer in High-Speed Spinning and Underpressure Spunbonding Process
Date 15.11.2002
Number 10436
Abstract A new biodegradable synthetic polyesteramid (PEA) was characterized by means of thermogravimetry (TG) differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and dynamic rheological measurements. Two glass transition ranges at about -33 and 38°C and a melting enthalpy of 33 J/g were measured, indicating that PEA is an immiscible blend of two components with a small crystalline part. The material was spun in a high-speed spinning process within the range of 2,000–6,000 M/min and an underpressure spunbonding process within the range of 3,600–7,700 M/min. The textile physical properties of the fibers were 100 MPa tenacity at an elongation at break of 30%, and an E-modulus of 0.5 GPa. The mass per unit area of the spunbonded nonwovens ranged from 70–159 g/M2. The strength of the spunbonded nonwovens was 28–51 N and 42–74 N in machine and cross direction, respectively. The air permeability of the nonwovens decreased at high air velocities and more fineness of the filaments from 1240–380 l/M2 s.
Publisher Journal of Polymers and the Environment
Citation Journal of Polymers and the Environment 9 (2002) 149-156

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