Authors Müller-Buschbaum, P. ; Gutmann, J.S. ; Lorenz-Haas, C. ; Wunnicke, O. ; Stamm, M. ; Petry, W.
Title Dewetting of Thin Diblock Copolymer Films: Spinodal Dewetting Kinetics
Date 09.04.2002
Number 10411
Abstract The stability of thin diblock copolymer films with respect to the annealing above themicrophase separation temperature is investigated on long time scales and at different film thicknesses.Poly(styrene-<I>block</I>-<I>p</I>-methylstyrene) diblock copolymer films on top of silicon substrates are examinedwith scanning force microscopy and off-specular X-ray scattering. At film thickness below the lamellarspacing of the bulk material a dewetting is observed. The kinetics of the film destabilization are explainablewithin a spinodal dewetting model. The observed dewetting structures belong to a wet dewetting. In thecase of film thicknesses which enable the buildup of a few lamellae no sign of instability was detected.
Publisher Macromolecules
Wikidata Q61996264
Citation Macromolecules 35 (2002) 2017-2023
Tags polymer-blend films consistent-field calculations monte-carlo simulations x-ray block-copolymers phase-separation reflectivity scattering morphology interfaces

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