Authors Pothan, L.A. ; Bellmann, C. ; Kailas, L. ; Thomas, S.
Title Influence of chemical treatments on the electrokinetic properties of cellulose fibres
Date 09.04.2002
Number 10410
Abstract Changes in the surface composition of chemically treated cellulose fibres obtained from the sheath of banana plants were investigated using electrokinetic (ζ-potential) measurements. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to observe changes in the surface morphology of the fibres. Spectroscopic methods were also used to analyse the changes on the cellulose fibre surface. Chemical treatments such as alkali treatment, acetylation, treatment with a triazine coupling agent, various silanes, etc. reduced the hydrophilicity of the fibres. The surface morphology of the fibres showed considerable changes. Chemical treatments reduced the acidity of the already polar cellulose fibre. The high iso-electric point (IEP) of the silane A1100-treated fibres shows that basic groups dominate at these surfaces. The observations are consistent with the values obtained using solvatochromic measurements.
Publisher Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology
Citation Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 16 (2002) 157 - 178

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