Authors Storsberg, J. ; Glöckner, P. ; Eigner, M. ; Schnöller, U. ; Ritter, H. ; Voit, B. ; Nuyken, O.
Title Cyclodextrins in polymer synthesis: photocrosslinkable films via free radical copolymerization of methylated b-cyclodextrin-complexed styrene with sodium 4-(acrylamido)-phenyldiazosulfonate in aueous medium
Date 11.04.2001
Number 10308
Abstract The copolymerization of a methylated-beta -cyclodextrin (m-beta -CD) 1 : 1 host-guest compound of styrene (1a) with various molar ratios of sodium 4-(acrylamido)-phenyldiazosulfonate (2) is described. The copolymerization of complex la with 2 was carried out in water with 2,2'-azobis-(N,N'-dimerhyleneisobutyramidine)-dihydrochloride as the free radical initiator at 40 degreesC. Depending on the amount of 2 incorporated in the copolymer, water- or DMF-soluble copolymers of high molar mass were obtained. Irradiation of the copolymers with UV light in solution resulted in rapid decomposition of the azo chromophore, and irradiation of the polymers as films led to crosslinking and thus to insolubility.
Publisher Designed Monomers and Polymers
Citation Designed Monomers and Polymers 4 (2001) 9-17
Tags cyclodextrins copolymerizations host-guest chemistry photo-reactive polymers guest monomers azo-compounds side-chains methacrylate polyrotaxanes chemistry host

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