Authors Meier-Haack, J. ; Booker, N.A. ; Carroll, T.
Title A permeability-controlled microfiltration membrane for reduced fouling in drinking water treatment
Date 02.01.2003
Number 10288
Abstract A novel surface-modified polypropylene microfiltration membrane is investigated for its potential use in drinking water treatment. The flux decline rate of the modified membrane is substantially lower than the original polypropylene membrane for filtration of a soft, high-natural organic matter (NOM) surface water because a progressive adjustment in membrane permeability counteracts the flux decline due to fouling. In general, the prospects for reduced flux decline by membrane modification depend upon the characteristics of raw water such as hardness, particulate and NOM properties and concentration, and pretreatment strategies.
Publisher Water Research
Citation Water Research 37 (2003) 585-588

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