Authors Böhme, U. ; Scheler, U.
Title Effective Size and Fractal Dimension of Polyelectrolytes Determined by Diffusion NMR
Date 12.08.2002
Number 10266
Abstract Polyelectrolytes are macromolecules containing dissociable or charged groups on the main chain or in side groups. These charges are the basis of the water solubility of polyelectrolytes. The solution properties namely the conformation is determined by an interplay of thermodynamic and electric interactions. The electrostatic interaction is influenced by the ionic strength of the solution. As a measure of the effective size of the macromolecules the hydrodynamic radius is determined from the self-diffusion coefficient measured via pulsed- field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance. From variation of the hydrodynamic radius with molecular weight for each ionic strength, the fractal dimension has been determined for the example of poly(styrenesulfonate). With increasing ionic strength the fractal dimension, which describes the use of space for the fictitious growth of the molecule when increasing the molecular weight, increases. This implies a denser packing of the molecules in higher ionic strength.
Publisher Macromolecular Symposia
Citation Macromolecular Symposia 184 (2002) 349-256

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