Authors Kirpach, S.N. ; Borisova, T.I. ; Dudkina, M.M. ; Tenkovtsev, A.V. ; Böhme, F.
Title Realaxation of dipolar polarization in poly(1,10-decamethyleneacetamidine) and its ionic compounds with di(4-hydroxybenzalidene)alkanones
Date 17.09.2002
Abstract Dielectric relaxation in poly(1,10-decamethyleneacetamidine) and its complexes with di(4-hydroxybenzalidene)alkanones was studied. The multiplicity of the dipole polarization local relaxation processes was ascribed to the inhomogeneity of a spatial molecular network and the related difference in the orientation mobility of amidine groups in network junctions. A variation in dielectric losses in the system with the amount of the incorporated chromophore provides evidence for the predominant formation of chromophore ionic complexes with amidine groups not involved in the network.
Journal Polymer Science / Series A 44 (2002) 850-854

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