Authors Kondyurin, A.V. ; Imankulova, S.
Title Adhesion of quinone adhesive to rubbers
Date 15.07.2002
Number 10221
Abstract Adhesion joints based on ethylene-propylene EPDM-40, butadiene-nitrile SKN-40, and fluorinated SKF-26 rubbers with an adhesive based on SKI-NL isoprene rubber, ED-20 epoxy resin, and EH-10 quinone ether were studied. The results obtained indicate that quinone ether is involved in the formation of interchain links between substrate and adhesive networks. It was also found that, in the case of fluorinated rubber, active unsaturated carbon-carbon groups occur on the substrate surface subjected to additional treatment (roughening) prior to adhesive formation. These groups, active to quinone ether, are capable of forming networks in the interface region.
Publisher Journal of Adhesion
Citation Journal of Adhesion 78 (2002) 431-441

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