Authors Dragan, S. ; Schwarz, S.
Title Surface Modification by Self-Assembled Polycation/Azo Dye Multilayers
Date 12.08.2002
Number 10176
Abstract The formation and stability of some polycation/azo dye multilayers by the alternate adsorption of one polycation of integral type having 95 mol% of N,N-dimethyl-2-hydroxypropyleneammonium chloride repeat units (PCA<SUB>5</SUB>) and four multicharged azo dyes: Crocein Scralet MOO (CSMOO), Ponceau SS (PSS), Direct Blue 1 (DB 1) and Direct Red 80 (DR 80) are discussed in this paper. The dyes were different either by the number of sulfonic groups (PSS, DB 1 and DR 80) or by their position (CSMOO and PSS). The multilayer growth, when PCA<SUB>5</SUB> was adsorbed from 0.2 M Na<SUB>2</SUB>SO<SUB>4</SUB> aqueous solution, was followed by UV-Vis spectroscopy and by electrokinetic measurements. Solid state polycation/azo dye complexes were also prepared to get qualitative information on the charge compensation in the multilayers.
Publisher Macromolecular Symposia
Citation Macromolecular Symposia 181 (2002) 155-166

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