Authors Kaya, A. ; Pompe, G. ; Schulze, U. ; Voit, B. ; Pionteck, J.
Title The Effect of TIBA on Metallocene/MAO Catalyzed Synthesis of Propylene Oxazoline Copolymers and Their Use in Reactive Blending
Date 20.09.2002
Abstract Oxazoline-functionalized polypropylenes were synthesized by using the <I>rac</I>-Et[1-Ind]<SUB>2</SUB>ZrCl<SUB>2</SUB>/MAO catalyst system. The used comonomers were 2-(9-decene-1-yl)-1,3-oxazoline (R-Ox1), 2-(9-decene-1-yl)-4,4-dimethyl-1,3-oxazoline (R-Ox2), and 2-(4-(10-undecene-1-oxy)phenyl)-1,3-oxazoline (R-Ox3). The oxazolines reduce the catalyst activity in the order R-Ox3 &gt; R-Ox1 &gt; R-Ox2. By the addition of triisobutylaluminum (TIBA), the catalyst poisoning is reduced and is most pronounced in the R-Ox1- and R-Ox2-containing systems. The oxazoline-containing copolymers were melt blended with carboxylic acid end-functionalized polystyrene (PS-COOH) at 200°C. Strong changes in the morphology of the reactive blends compared to the nonreactive blends, especially the cocontinuous morphology in a poly(propylene-<I>co</I>-R-Ox3)/PS-COOH blend, indicate the usefulness of the modified copolymers in the reactive blending processes. &copy; 2002 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 86: 2174-2181, 2002
Journal Journal of Applied Polymer Science 86 (2002) 2174-2181

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