• Lab filtration unit for nanofiltration/reverse osmosis (up to 60 bar) OSMO inspector2 (Convergence B.V.)
  • Lab filtration unit for ultra- and microfiltration (up to 5 bars) LSta05-SPS (Sima-tec GmbH)
  • Lab filtration unit PM28 (up to 6 bars) for pervaporation and micro/ultrafiltration (CM Celfa AG)
  • „dead-end“ and „crossflow“ membrane test units for micro- and ultrafiltration as well as reverse osmosis (Amicon, Reichelt, Berghof, Sima-tec)
  • Test units for hollow fiber and capillary membranes for „dead-end“ und „crossflow“ mode, suitable for „outside in“ as well as „inside out“ filtration
  • Densitiy measurement DMA 58 (A. Paar GmbH)
  • Fuel cell test unit Powerstation with DMFC option (ElectroChem Inc.)
  • Fuel cells QuickConnect: 5 cm² and 25 cm² (Baltic Fuel Cell GmbH)
  • Potentiostat Gamry 600G and 4-electrode probe (FumaTech GmbH)
Home-build fuel cells: 25 cm² demo cell