14th Dresden Polymer Discussion

Understanding of Reinforcement in Polymer Networks and Melts

Meißen, May 25 to 28, 2014

Looking back on the conference

The 14th Dresden Polymer Discussion will focus on reinforcement effects in polymer networks and melts on all relevant scales, from molecular to macroscopic, making an attempt to better understanding of those effects and their utilization for material developments by bringing together scientists active in different fields of fundamental as well as applied science.
Dresden Polymer Discussions are – nomen est omen – meetings characterized by intensive discussions and therefore held with a strictly limited number of participants in a venue that provides under one roof the conference location and accommodation for all participants. Most of the lectures are invited talks by representatives of groups leading in the field.

You may apply for participation and poster presentations - contact.


hydrodynamic reinforcement
polymer-filler and filler-filler interactions
percolation and jamming transitions
strain-induced crystallization

experimental techniques
statistical physics
computer simulations
continuum modeling

Gert Heinrich (IPF Dresden and TU Dresden, Germany)
Marina Grenzer-Saphiannikova (IPF Dresden, Germany)
in co-operation with Rainer Jordan (TU Dresden, Germany)