26.11.2015 Lush Prize – Young Researcher Prize für Dr. Laura Bray

Am IPF Dresden entwickelte 3-D-Zellkulturmodelle eröffnen Alternativen zu Tierversuchen more »

20.11.2015 Congratulations to Laura Bray who is one of the recipients of the Lush Prize 2015 in the category Young Researchers Prize.

The Lush Prize is awarded to projects, organisations, institutions or individuals focussed on ending the use of animal testing or for research into non-animal tests, or promoting the use of non-animal tests. The Young … more »

17.11.2015 Oechsler-Preis für herausragende Diplomarbeit zur Kunststofftechnik an Matthieu Fischer aus dem IPF Dresden

Mit dem vom Wissenschaftlichen Arbeitskreis der Universitätsprofessoren der Kunststofftechnik (WAK) vergebenen Oechsler-Preis wurde in diesem Jahr Matthieu Fischer ausgezeichnet. Der am 12. November 2015 im Rahmen der … more »

13.11.2015 Sparks-Thomas Award für Dr. Amit Das

Wissenschaftler des IPF Dresden für Forschung zu innovativen Gummimaterialien geehrt more »

11.11.2015 Colwyn-Medaille für Professor Gert Heinrich

Ehrung für herausragende Leistungen für die Gummibranche more »

02.11.2015 EU-Projekt LASER4FUN gestartet

Mit Laser-basierter Oberflächenstrukturierung zu innovativen Materialien more »

28.10.2015 A collaborative study on proliferative, morphological and physical differences of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells when cultured on human versus murine mesenchymal stroma cells was published in Scientific Reports (Jens Friedrichs contributing)

Scientific Reports 5:15680 more »

21.10.2015 New findings on the impact of heparin sulfation patterns in biohybrid hydrogels on VEGF delivery, angiogenesis and dermal wound healing were reported in the Journal of Controlled Release (Andrea Zieris and Uwe Freudenberg joint first authors).

Journal of Controlled Release 220 (2015) 79-88 more »

21.10.2015 Lecture: Professor Joel Pedersen, Interaction of engineered nanoparticles with model cell membranes: Influence of lipid composition and non-lipid components

University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, USA Title: Interaction of engineered nanoparticles with model cell membranes: Influence of lipid composition and non-lipid components2:00 pm, Max Bergmann Center of Biomaterials, … more »

12.10.2015 Book on hyperbranched polymers published by Albena Lederer from IPF together with Walther Burchard (Freiburg)

Recently published book Hyperbranched Polymers: Macromolecules in between Deterministic Linear Chains and Dendrimer Structures Authors: Albena Lederer and Walther Burchard Description:There is great commercial … more »

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