Johannes Fingernagel

PhD student

Johannes Fingernagel
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For his PhD, Johannes Fingernagel is studying biohybrid structures for the development of new biosensors and drug delivery systems based on organic and inoganic nanoparticles. The research is supervised by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit and Dr. Dietmar Appelhans.

Fields of Activity

  • synthethis and functionalization of inorganic nanoparticles
  • synthesis of functionalized glycopolymers
  • buidling of highly ordered protein-nanoparticle and protein-glycopolymer structures
  • structure charakterisation by UV/Vis, DLS, (cryo)TEM, gel electrophoresis, MS and asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation (AF4)

Personal Data

since 02/2014 PhD student under supervision of Dr. Appelhans and Prof. Dr. Voit
10/2008-01/2014 Studies in chemistry at the Dresden University of Technology
2013 Master's Thesis: Investigation of Biohybrid Structures Made of Glycopolymers and Albumin Binding Domains by Nickel (II)-Nitrilotriacetic Acid- Histidine and Biotin- Avidin Interactions. Supervisors: Dr. D. Appelhans, Prof. Dr. B. Voit
2008 Bachelor's Thesis: Using Fast Crosslinkable Monomers and Macromonomers for the Fabrication of Cationic Hydrogels for in-situ Immobilization of enzymes. Supervisors: Dr. D. Appelhans, Prof. Dr. B. Voit