Dr. Dietmar Appelhans

Head of department

Dr. Dietmar Appelhans
+49 (0)351 4658 353 +49 (0)351 4658 565


Carmen Krause
+49 (0)351 4658 590 +49 (0)351 4658 565

Co-worker of the working group of  Prof. B. Voit

Fields of Research

General research interests are:

  • synthesis, modification and characterization of dendritic polymers consisting of perfectly-branched and hyperbranched structures;
  • investigation of complexing properties of dendritic polymers, especially towards metal ions and metal clusters in aqueous phase;
  • molecular modelling of dendritic and linear structures and theoretical calculations of dendritic metal complexes;
  • realization of water-soluble dendritic and linear polymers for bio-hybrid structures and bio-active polymers;
  • the interactions of dendritic and linear polymers with proteins and enzymes;
  • surface, solution and bulk properties of linear polymers based on poly(alkene-alt-maleimide) main chains.

More details for dendritic polymers with oligosaccharide architectures (PDF, 104 KB)

Molecular modelling of a 2nd generation poly(propylene imine) dendrimer with
16 maltose substituents

(picture from Dr. P. Friedel)