7th International Conference on Carbon NanoParticle Based Composites

Dresden, June 26 to 29, 2017

Call for papers published - Download here

„7th International Conference on Carbon NanoParticle Based Composites” is organized in conjunction with PPS2017, which is held in Dresden, June 26 to 29, 2017.

It builds on a series of successful conferences on carbon based nanocomposites that originated from the European research network CNT‐NET and has traditionally been held every two years alternating between Hamburg and Cambridge.

CNPComp2017 will gather the international scientific community working in the field of composites filled with carbon nanoparticles (CNPs), including nanotubes, graphene or related materials, and other nanocarbons. The goal is to share knowledge and experience, in particular between nanocarbon systems, which are currently at different stages of maturity.

The meeting has traditionally focused on polymer matrices, but contributions on metallic or ceramic matrices are welcome.

Participants may attend other PPS symposia and benefit from an excellent platform for scientific exchange.

Chairpersons: Petra Pötschke (IPF Dresden, D) and Milo Shaffer (Imperial College, London, UK)