Theoretical Polymer Physics

Responsible: Prof. Jens-Uwe Sommer
Hours per week (2 + 1)

Language: English

Time (WS 2023/24):

Thursday: 01:00 - 02.30 pm (4. DS), Location: REC/B214/H

Friday: 01:00 - 02.30 pm (4. DS), Location: REC/C118/H




  • Chain models and conformational statistics, Excluded volume
  • Rouse model and Reptation

  • Dense polymer systems and random phase approximation

  • Edwards equation and its application to selected systems

  • Mixtures and phase segregation.

  • Scaling concepts and application to selected systems

  • Polymers at surfaces

  • Copolymers

Recommended literature:

M. Rubinstein and R.H. Colby: "Polymer Physics"
M. Doi and S.F. Edwards: "“The theory of polymer dynamics"”
A.Y. Grosberg and A.R. Khokhlov: "Statistical Physics of Macromolecules"
P.-G. de Gennes: "“Scaling concepts in polymer physics”"

Exercises/Scripts can be found here.

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