METAMECH - Template assisted assembly of metamaterials using mechanical instabilities

Project Description

This project aims at establishing a novel assembly route for metamaterials, which is upscalable to macroscopic areas and greatly reduces processing effort. The methodology relies on the synthesis of tailored colloidal building blocks, so-called meta-atoms, which combine metals and insulators in a well defined geometry. These meta-atoms will subsequently be assembled into hierarchical structures using templates fabricated by controlled wrinkling of elastomeric substrates. The use of mechanical instabilities in template formation eliminates lithographic steps in materials assembly. Structures and assembly processes will be optimized based on theory and simulation and morphological and optical properties will be investigated on meta-atom and metamaterials level.

We target negative-index metamaterials, metamaterials for transformation optics and a new class of elastically deformable metamaterials. Upscaling of metamaterial formation on macroscopic dimensions will become feasible and the materials will become available for a broader academic and industrial community, making them in the mid-term available for applications in energy (light harvesting, light concentrators), information (manipulation of light flow) and medical technology (sensing).

Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery

Project staff

Dr. Christian Kuttner

Dr. Andre Knapp

M.Sc. Bernhard Glatz

M.Sc. Martin Mayer

M.Sc. Max Schnepf

M.Sc. Roland Höller

M.Sc. Anja Maria Steiner




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Financial Support

This project is funded by the European Research Council, established by the European Commission.