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Dr. Nina Tverdokhleb

Institute Theory of Polymers
+49 351 4658 778 +49 351 4658 752

Research Interests

• Theory and finite element modeling (ANSYS) of functional azobenzene polymer materials controlled by light;

• Energetic analysis of biomolecular complexation (including DNA complexation with drugs, nanocomposite complexes with fullerene, etc.)


Sevastopol National Technical University

25.01.2013 - PhD in Biophysics,

25.09.2010 - Master`s degree in Biophysics,

10.07.2009 - Bachelor in Physics, Department of Physics

Professional experience

2017-2018 Engineer in the research laboratory, Associate Professor of preparatory faculty, KNU Shevchenko

2019 - June 2021 Senior researcher, Associate Professor at the Department of Higher Mathematics, Sevastopol State University, Since July2021 Postdoctoral researcher at the IPF


1. Lantushenko, A.O.; Meger, Y.V.; Tverdokhleb, N.M.; Yakovleva, Y.A.; Eltsov, O.S. Study of aggregation of O^ N^ N^ O Pt (II) complexes in solution. Journal of Molecular Liquids 334 (2021) 116062.

2. Strutynska, N.; Malyshenko, A.; Tverdokhleb, N.; Evstigneev, M.; Vovchenko, L.; Prylutskyy, Y.; Ritter, U. Design, characterization and mechanical properties of new Na+, CO 3 2−-apatite/alginate/C 60 fullerene hybrid biocomposites. Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society 4 (2021) 422.

3. Hamdan, I. I.; El-Sabawi, D.; Tverdokhleb, N. M.; Lantushenko, A. O.; Evstigneev, M. P.; Abu-Dahab, R. Studies on potential interaction between cinacalcet hydrochloride and diclofenac sodium. Biophysical Chemistry 266 (2020) 106460.

4. Grebinyk, A.; Prylutska, S.; Buchelnikov, A.; Tverdokhleb, N.; Grebinyk, S.; Evstigneev, M.; Frohme, M. C60 fullerene as an effective nanoplatform of alkaloid Berberine delivery into leukemic cells. Pharmaceutics 11 (2019) 586.