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Dr. Dirk Romeis

Institute Theory of Polymers
+49 351 4658 1115 +49 351 4658 752

Fields of research

  • Analytical and numerical field-theoretical calculations
  • Polymers at surfaces and depletion phenomena
  • Polymer brushes
  • Magnetoactive elastomers (SPP 1713)
  • Viscoelastic modeling of rubber compounds


Diploma in physics at Technical University Dresden (2009)

Ph.D. in physics at Technical University Dresden (2014)

Dissertation: "Conformational Transitions in Polymer Brushes: A Self-Consistent Field Study"


Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Composites Part B, Nonlinear Dynamics, Soft Matter, Journal of Chemical Physics, Physical Review A, Physical Review E

Selected Publications

Romeis, D.; Saphiannikova M.
Effective magnetic susceptibility in magnetoactive composites.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 565 (2023), 170197

Chougale, S.; Romeis, D.; Saphiannikova M.
Magneto-mechanical enhancement of elastic moduli in magnetoactive elastomers with anisotropic microstructures.
Materials 15 (2022), 645

Romeis, D.; Saphiannikova M.
A Cascading Mean-Field Approach to the Calculation of Magnetization Fields in Magnetoactive Elastomers.
Polymers 13 (2021), 1372

Romeis, D.; Kostrov, S.A.; Kramarenko, E.Yu.; Stepanov, G.V.; Shamonin, M.; Saphiannikova M.
Magnetic-field-induced stress in confined magnetoactive elastomers.
Soft Matter 16 (2020), 9047-9058

Romeis, D.; Metsch, P.; Kästner M.; Saphiannikova, M.
Theoretical models for magneto-sensitive elastomers: a comparison between continuum and dipole approaches.
Physical Review E 95 (2017), 042501

Romeis, D.; Toshchevikov, V. ; Saphiannikova, M.
Elongated micro-structures in magneto-sensitive elastomers: a dipolar mean field model.
Soft Matter 12 (2016), 9364-9376

Romeis, D.; Sommer, J.-U.
Binary and Bidisperse Polymer Brushes: Coexisting Surface States.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (2015), 12496-12504

Zimmermann, R.; Romeis, D.; Bihannic, I.; Stuart, M. C.; Sommer, J.-U.; Werner, C.; Duval, J. F. L. Electrokinetics as an alternative to neutron reflectivity for evaluation of segment density distribution in PEO brushes.
Soft Matter 10 (2014), 7804-7809

Romeis, D.; Merlitz, H.; Sommer, J.-U.
A new numerical approach to dense polymer brushes and surface instabilities.
Journal of Chemical Physics 136 (2012), 044903

Romeis, D.; Usatenko, Z.
Polymer chains in confined geometries: Massive field theory approach.
Physical Review E 80 (2009), 041802